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Orlando brings a wealth of influences not only from his country of Brazil as a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and arranger, but from his classical background as well. A native of Lavras, in the state of Minas Gerais, Orlando has been a bandleader since the age of 12. As a child growing up in Brazil he studied classical piano and guitar; later he moved to Rio de Janeiro, where he studied at the Villa-Lôbos Institute and pursued private classical guitar studies.

In 1974 he came to the US to study music at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, where he met Patricia, and graduated with a degree in Composition. He received a Masters of Science in Arts Administration from Drexel University in 1986, and in 2002 a Masters in Composition from Temple University, in Philadelphia.

Orlando’s expertise in Brazilian music and rhythm has inspired invitations to teach courses, classes, and clinics at colleges and universities such as The University of Pennsylvania, Brown University, University of Maryland, University of Delaware, Franklin and Marshall College, Temple University, Dickinson College, Swarthmore College, and The University of the Arts, where he taught for 10 years.

>> listen to “vento”

In addition to the collection of songs written and recorded with Minas, Orlando has written various 20th Century-style works including 2 song cycles, a chamber music piece (Transparancies, performed by Rèlache), and 12-tone duets for oboe and viola. Orlando has written music for 3 documentaries and was commissioned to write arrangements for The Orpheus Club of Philadelphia, a choir of 80 men, and commissioned by Live Connections to write a suite to be presented by Minas and the baroque ensemble Melomanie.

>> listen to “transparencies, III. movement, beyond the clouds (midi realization)”

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Orlando Haddad is a Godin Guitars artist.

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